Reporting Resolutions for 2018

I am hoping to design my best reports in 2018. Any advice?

  1. Work smarter. Repurpose your content to get more mileage out of it. Don’t just share your findings once in a 100 page report. Think about all the different ways you can share in multiple places. Break down the content into digestible tidbits. Write a blog or multiple blog posts. Develop a presentation. Create a handout. Think about how your findings can integrate into an overall communication strategy.
  2. Think small. Don’t forget to about creating some microcontent from your findings. You are probably already including some charts, maps, diagrams, photos or quotes in your reports. Pull the best ones out. With slight tweaking of the format, you have great micro content for sparking interest in your findings.
  3. Ditch default templates. Your audience expects more. With more people growing their data visualization and design skills, the bar is being raised for your report quality. Make sure you are making thoughtful and intentional designs choices.
  4. Go beyond stock photos. Investing in the time to gather high quality photos can make a real difference. Photos shouldn’t just make your reports visually interesting. They should add value to your report. Consider how you can use them as an integral part of to tell your story.
  5. Be more accessible. Consider how you can make your designs more accessible. Think about how your design choices, along with how and where you share your content impacts how accessible it is for different audiences.

**Your Toolbelt**

One of my favorite finds for making my designs more visually accessible in 2017 was Contrast Checker. It will help you quickly check if you have enough contrast in your colors and fonts to make them easily readable.