Logic Model Makeover [Diagram Design]

In honor of the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference this week, this post is for all the evaluators (and all the other people) who love logic models.

I am an information/graphic designer, but I work with a lot of evaluators. (Translation) I spend a good chunk of my time thinking about how to best visually represent evaluation processes and ideas.

In today’s post, I thought I would share a simple “table style” logic model makeover. Hopefully, it will give you a few ideas for making your logic models even more engaging and effective.




  • Stick to one page. This doesn’t mean shrinking the font to 4pt. It means editing your content, adjusting column widths, etc. If you still need multiple pages, try introducing all the main concepts in a summary diagram. This helps the reader get a good overview, before diving into the weeds.
  • Develop a hierarchy for content and apply consistently. This helps the reader quickly scan the document for main ideas and see how different pieces of content fit together. It can also make a text heavy visual more appealing and digestible.
  • Add a column or row to place a meaningful icon. Meaningful is the key word. Search for stock icons or create icons that support your message. You can use these icons throughout your report or in presentations when talking about that aspect of your logic model.
  • Match your logic model and report’s page orientation. In an ideal world, your logic model design would be oriented in the same way as the rest of your report content. This minimizes weird page transitions or having to shrink it down.
  • Use your organizational colors. In this example, the organization’s colors are a dark blue and gold. By applying your organization’s colors and fonts, you will help the reader connect the content with your organization.


If you are interested in evaluation, I recommend checking out the AEA365 blog – A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators.

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