Food for Thought [Infographics in Action]

The other day I sat down to dinner with my seven year old son at one of his favorite restaurants. We were greeted with a table tent containing information about childhood hunger in America. My son was immediately attracted to the information with lots of pictures (I was immediately interested to see the use of infographics being used in a creative way to share information for an advocacy campaign).

As we waited for our food, we ended up having an unexpected discussion about food and kids who don’t have enough to eat. Thanks to this infographic–not only did I learn something–I got to have an interesting conversation with my son at dinner that evening.

Afterwards, I went to the No Kid Hungry website to learn more about their campaign (and to see examples of other information graphics).

I thought this was a good example of creatively using infographics to raise awareness for a cause.

Have you spotted infographics in action in other creative places?