Exploring an Alternative Report Format

I am considering formatting my evaluation findings in PowerPoint rather than a traditional report format. What do you think of this idea? Do you have any tips for taking this approach?

I think it is definitely an idea worth exploring. Reports designed in a presentation software can potentially be more engaging, visually interesting, and more digestible if designed correctly.

Some other benefits of designing your reports in PowerPoint:

  • It is a tool that more people have access to and knowledge using.
  • Even if working with a designer, it is easier for you to make minor content edits (saving some back and forth time in the final clean-up).
  • Great for viewing on digital devices.
  • Your designs can still look professional by applying good design techniques.

Below are some sample slides from a recent report I helped a client design in PowerPoint.

Just to note: This design isn’t intended to be viewed as a presentation, but as something that someone would read up close (so it can use smaller font sizes).  

Apply to your own designs:

  • Look for ways to visually connect slides. See how the graphic carries over in the first two slides.
  • Use the second page to include your key message or findings.
  • Highlight one main message or idea per page.
  • Challenge yourself to use a photo or graphic on each slide to help tell your story.
  • Use color to help distinguish different chapters, sections or ideas.
  • Include a navigation bar and icons to help the reader navigate content (these icons were right from PowerPoint).
  • Use consistent styling and fonts throughout.
  • Don’t forget to add links.

**Your Toolbelt**

Looking for PowerPoint templates or inspiration, I recommend checking out these free presentation software templates from Duarte, Inc.