2017 Design Takeaways

As you reflect on the past year, what design advice would you give to yourself based on this past year’s work experiences?

Budget more time for a project than you think it will take. Your designs will be stronger because of it (and you will keep your sanity).

Upfront project planning always pays off (even if it seems like a straight forward project at first glance). Making sure both the client and you are on the same page at the project start is so valuable!

Projects improve with feedback. Even when you think you have developed the most beautiful design, remember a fresh set of eyes can challenge you to improve upon your designs.

Have an alternate plan if a project gets delayed or scope changes. Unfortunately, this happens. Have a plan in place for how to handle it if it does.

Design with accessibility in mind. This past year, you took on more projects that made you increase your design skills and awareness in this area. Continue to consider how your design choices effect the way your audience will access your designs.